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Key Benefits

Master Your Feed Production From One Single Easy-To-Use and Cost-Effective Software.

Understanding your data such that it enables you to make data-driven decisions is critical to avoiding costly errors in your daily operations.


From the farm to the feed mill, BinSentry Horizon helps you drive increased profits by streamlining your feed ordering processes and delivering you the insights that matter to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Increase livestock production and on-farm safety, and eliminate biosecurity risks, feed outages and waste.

Gain visibility into your controllable costs and enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Get the right amount of feed to the right bin at the right time and improve growth performance and animal welfare.

Increase livestock production and on-farm safety, and eliminate biosecurity risks, feed outages and waste.

Make smarter data-based feed supply decisions and guarantee customer satisfaction; increase profits and efficiency.

Get the right amount of feed to the right bin at the right time and improve growth performance and animal well-being.

Know how much feed is in your bin and manage your livestock and feed ordering needs confidently.

Keep track of your feed inventory 24/7
Store and monitor feed levels data
Track consumption levels
Detect feed irregularities
Get the right amount of feed and type to the right bin at the right time
Eliminate feed outages and overfills
Reduce set-up and electricity costs
Confirm or edit suggested orders
Verify and place your feed orders with ease
Collaborate with your mill and nutritionist on one platform
Prevent accidents from happening; stop climbing bins
Reduce biosecurity risks and farm visits
Ensure livestock welfare and productivity
Reduce mortality losses
Mitigate against human-error costs and shortage of workers

Only with BinSentry Sensus

Feed Mills
Enhance your production planning and customer satisfaction, manage all bins and orders on one software, and reduce costs.

Feed Mill – Customer Support

See bin levels and projected empty dates
Detect feed consumption irregularities
View 3D feed-level representation
Be notified of bins emptying, overfilling, or orders being placed
See feed left at the end of a livestock group
Track and join bins in tandem groups
Manage all bins and orders on one software
Track and receive order requests and suggestions
Eliminate last-minute orders
Ensure high-accuracy order quantities
Eliminate costly errors; spillage or emergency deliveries
Manage and schedule recurring orders
Increase customer satisfaction
Strength connections between producers and nutritionists
Mutually access insights and track data entry
Eliminate paper-based and manual processes
Set up alerts and customize notifications
Integrate the platform with your current software

Only with BinSentry Sensus

Feed Mill – Production

Reduce labor shortages and human-error costs
Get on-time orders entered into the system
Eliminate disruptions; production delays or product shortages
Filter bins by farms, barns, priority, customer, or status
Access to sensor data and insights
Plan long-term production efficiently
Optimize feed production
Operate profitably, eliminating emergency or wrong orders
Allocate resources intelligently

Only with BinSentry Sensus

Feed Mill – Transportation

Access 24/7 to actual on-farm feed inventory
Project on-farm feed inventory to optimize route planning
See low/empty bin locations on a map and plan smart routes
Plan ahead to dispatch full trucks
Reduce costs related to mileage and biosecurity risks
Track confirmed, late, or missed deliveries
Secure timely deliveries to customers
Prevent drivers from having to estimate feed levels
Reduce total miles traveled
Reduce fleet maintenance costs
Reduce CO2 emissions

Only with BinSentry Sensus

Access to real-time feed consumption information to formulate the best nutritional solutions, knowing that the right amount of feed is delivered to the right bin at the right time.

Make formulations based on consumption trends
Minimize costs associated with wrong formulations
Monitor consumption patterns
Make assessments with sensor data
Maximize production performance
View feed flow in 3D and detect consumption irregularities
Mitigate against rising feed costs by predicting feed consumption
Reduce feed outages and mortalities
Ensure feed quality and safety; contactless sensor
Improve animal welfare
Enhance on-site biosecurity

Only with BinSentry Sensus

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