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All your feed ordering tasks are now automated!

Feed ordering automation made easier with our predictive software and high-performing 3D Sensor.

Streamline the feed ordering process by eliminating time-consuming manual tasks such as dealing with spreadsheets and calling each of your customers. Whether your bins are monitored with our sensor or not, our Feed Ordering Automation products allow you digitally to: 

Manage and track bin inventory levels
Generate and schedule orders
Collaborate with your team and customers
Send orders to planning and production

And with our SaaS (Software as a Service) monthly subscription model, software updates are seamless and there are no upfront hardware costs.

Our Centralized Feed Ordering Automation Platform – no sensor required!

Grow your business and profits with our automated feed ordering process.

Even without our 3D sensor monitoring feed bins, you can still use our automated ordering platform. Simply enter the bin information and set the inventory consumption rate based on the feed schedule. Bin inventory readings will be automatically generated every 4 hours and after scheduled deliveries.

Our cloud-based software transforms data into actionable insights, allowing your team to manage the feed ordering process and proactively identify opportunities to enhance operational efficiency.

Streamline the ordering process and your workday.
Our intuitive platform allows you to:

View and manage all orders with just a few clicks

Confirm or edit suggested orders

Track inventory by farm, barn, and bin and see projected empty dates

Filter bins by location, farm/barn, priority, date, or order status

Notify and confirm orders with your customers

Schedule recurring orders

BinSentry Sensus hardware monitoring is the perfect complement to BinSentry Horizon software.

When the highest level of accuracy is required – BinSentry Sensus delivers.

Our innovative 3D Sensor connected to our BinSentry Horizon software, delivers sensor-enhanced inventory monitoring, unlocking even more value and functionality.


Remove all the guesswork with accurate real-time inventory monitoring 24/7.

View feed bin surface and feed flow

View all scheduled and delivered orders

See warnings for late or missed deliveries

Deliver exceptional customer service more sustainably

Reduce farm trips and plan routes efficiently

Forecast inventory and resources

Seeing is believing when you can precisely view bin levels and surfaces. The 3D renderings generated by our algorithms make it a clear choice versus any other feed monitoring system.




Why are we the best? Because our 3D Sensor collects the most accurate data by far.

Our 3D mapping system provides over 9000+ points of detail vs. single point sensors (LiDAR, laser, and other competing technologies), allowing you to view the entire bin interior from any angle, in full 3D.

Measuring 9000+ points on the feed surface provides the quality data required for an accurate measure of volume, even with the most challenging products.

3D volumetric data images reveal exactly which date the feed bin will empty.

Single point sensors (LiDAR, laser, and other competing technologies) can have challenges with certain products and detecting feed flow issues and irregularities, like rat-holing. A narrow field of view can provide erratic readings like this graph highlights.
More Benefits of BinSentry Sensus
Sensor Technology
The self-cleaning 3D sensor sees the entire area of the product surface. Readings are taken every 4 hours.
Zero Bin Modification
Installs in 10 minutes and requires no bin modification.
No Additional Hardware
Direct internet connection through cellular, no hub required.
Solar Charged
No electrical is required.  Solar charging + battery enables indefinite operation.
Connects to leading LTE-M networks; low-power, long-range, and built for Internet of Things sensors.

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Discover new insights and the potential to grow your business by saving time and reducing costs.

Connect BinSentry Horizon to the systems you already use.

Our platform can save you time and reduce repetitive tasks by integrating with the tools and software you’re already using.

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